18 de setembro de 2010

Quest to a love.

I tried for so long,
Somewhere to live,
Where I could find,
Someone I could stay.
I looked in my past
I searched my history,
Any way to you,
I may have left behind.
I somehow so close
To get really far,
But still I hope,
Do not get lost on the way to you.
I've been many places,
Where in all of them I've felt,
that something was missing that would make me happy,
Something that just feel with you.
I've met many people,
Among them, some I was,
But I found what I sought,
Something I just found when I saw him.
Do not deny me your smile
Please tell me I'll see you,
I'm gonna see your eyes,
And to say that I love you.
You caught me with a smile,
In a sea of dreams and illusions,
And with a kiss I'll say,
That without you I could not live.

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